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27th szeptember, 2022

Autumn Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Home

Autumn Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Home

Autumn will soon bless us once again with its atmospheric mornings and cosy evenings, and it’s the perfect time to start decorating your house accordingly. Here are some great interior design tips to help you bring a touch of autumn into your home.

Posters and sculptures

Autumn’s bright and soft mood is down to a mix-up of materials and patterns; you can reflect this sense of variety and harmony in your home using expressive posters and quirky sculptures to add colour and playful expression.

Outdoor inspiration

Implement some of autumn’s stunning foliage into your home by filling glass lanterns with mini pumpkins and fairy lights, using tiered trays to layer potpourri and seasonal trinkets, or filling mason jars with pinecones, acorns and fake leaves to capture some autumnal magic.

Freshen up the fireplace

The fireplace is quite literally your home’s hotspot, especially as the weather outside starts to cool down and you find your family bundled around it most evenings. Prepare your home early by giving your fireplace a touch of TLC using a wire brush, clear ammonia or oven cleaner for a spick and span finish.

Round shapes and straight lines

Contrasts are playing a big role in current interior design trends, soft meets hard and cosy meets rustic. As such, we recommend round shapes meeting straight lines for this season. Soften up clean, sharp lines with artsy curved décor such as moon lamps, large statement clocks and decorative bowls.

Plaid materials

When we think of chess games, picnic blankets and warm winter scarves, one cosy pattern comes to mind. Chequered and plaid covers, throw pillows and rugs are the perfect autumn accessories and are an easy way to add a pop of colour while sticking to the season’s soft and muted themes. Balance out neutral colours with cosy patchwork designs interwoven with warm, rich shades.

Bring your home to life with flowers

One of the best ways to display autumn’s brilliant hues is through decorative flowers. Create a woodland cottage theme with hanging baskets outside, window boxes and clear vases. Kniphofia blooms between June and October in the UK. Their warm red and yellow tones make them the perfect early autumn flower as they mimic the shades of fallen leaves.

Create an autumnal outdoor space

As summer fades out of view, you may find yourself spending less time in the garden, but after all the work you put in over the warmer months, it’s a shame to let your garden space go to waste during this beautiful season. You can create a relaxing garden area with outdoor rugs, heaters and weather-resistant furniture or even by transferring your shed into a cosy cove with blankets, pillows and fairy lights.

Use warm ambient lighting

Embrace autumn’s mood with soft and low lighting. Ambient lighting involves using colour, temperature and brightness which can create a warm and comfortable amount of light throughout your home to complement its features. If your home has a dimmer switch, opt for lower settings to capture the cosiness of autumn’s dark evenings.

Enhance the entrance

It is your front door’s time to shine; brighten up your entrance with a seasonal wreath and compliment the burnt-orange and red hues by giving your door a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colours match up great with the season’s vibrancy and glossy paint will reflect sunlight back at you, creating a bright and welcoming entrance.

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